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18:19Joey Rodríguez receives Hot Rod's cock's milkWhen Joey entered the world of porn it was because what he wanted to see and feel was a lot of cocks in his greedy ass, coming in and out while he gets very horny thinking that in a while, his ass is not only going to be full of meatloaf, but with a good jet of hot spunk.HD19:44Blue & Chase Coxxx BaileyA huge black cock is the only thing that soothes a cocksucking blond guy who feasts on cock, so his ass finally opens wide and he ends up letting the black guy fuck him, who mounts him like a professional mounter.HD42:56It's a short distance from a twoway to a threewayCarlos Morales has always wanted his ass to be so visited that it would become a worldwide attraction, but fortunately for his asshole, he only accepts one visit at a time, but then he feels like it and he can't say no to a second, who fucks him hard too.08:03Gawin Waters asks Topher DiMaggio for cockThere's nothing that makes Gavin hornier than a good swarthy guy with some good cock that makes him feel a real man after giving him some baby bottle, and when Topher comes and gives him all he wants, he lets him lead, pleased and happy.HD31:47When stopping, a truck driver just wants to fuckTruck drivers spend the day on the damn road, talking to their girlfriends on the phone and listening to the radio, but when their asses get itchy the only thing that can calm them is getting on all fours waiting for some other truck driver to fuck them in the ass no homo.11:13An ecologist punishes a poacher in the assA redneck from the area is shooting at a bald eagle, the typical one in the US that is not bald, but its feathers are white, of course, and because it's endangered, these ecologists jump at him and while some look for the ranger, one of them fucks him hard in the ass, literally.89:01Desperate neighbors improvising some fucksLiving in a house in a residential area isolated from the city is very bad, and if you don't believe it, see what happens in Desperate Housewives, they get crazy because they live in such a place, with the difference that they kill each other and these ones kill each other with fucks.25:23Anal surprise at homeWhen he arrives at home, this superjock listens to his roommate yelling at him to come to his room with his eyes closed because he has a wonderful surprise: himself with his ass all out, ready to receive the biggest from behind... and sure he does.HD23:29Thin guy lets another guy fuck him with a huge cockThese English guys are insatiable, besides being pigs, who never shower, but well, that's another story, because today we're here to see how a thug with a truly beautiful (and clean) cock gives a buddy such a fuck that cannot be described, it must be watched.24:45Argentinean friends with a very good knackThese buddies haven't seen each other for a long time, because some went to Spain and came back and others got a boyfriend and ignored the rest. A lot of months have passed by and now they are all single and very loving and have a dinner in the form of orgy that is truly a fine mess.HD28:00Endless action for the greedy bottomThese two guys are Fine Arts students and there's nothing that turns them on more than an antique piece of furniture, but after seeing it they realize that what they like the most is sucking their huge cocks, not so antique but as hard as the wood of a wardrobe, which they later use to fuck in the ass happily.15:58Cruising woods for fuckingIn this forest on the outskirts of the city, like in most suburbs woods, many guys go in the search for some anal sex and to suck some good cocks, and these won't be any less, so they meet there and they eat themselves all out.23:15Gabriel Vanderloo and Damien Crosse are versatileBoth Damien and Gabriel are versatile and they love being fucked in the ass very hard, but they also love fucking in the ass from behind so they are not labeled as unrepentant bottoms, so in this occasion, they fuck each other very pleased.HD22:51Tommy Defendi fucks Marcus Mojo hardMarcus turns up at Tommy's studio so he takes some photographs, but what Tommy actually wants to do is eating the model out, first with a good menu of ass à la tongue and then a good blowjob that gets Marcus ready to get it hard.HD28:038Marc Dylan, Tommy Defendi and other orgy hunksMarc and his friends, all worthy of doing us, meet with some regularity to enjoy anal sex in common, but Marc is always the greediest one and he's always the first one who wishes to be fucked in the ass from behind until he's well satisfied and unloaded.21:00Colby Keller fucks Justin Matthews and Duncan BlackColby is no fool and he takes two horny lads on holiday, so when the two insinuate to him, or rather said, they jump at him naked, Colby has to behave like the macho he is and gives both of them cock.21:44Sparking electriciansTwo electricians are working when one of them gets very horny when he sees his workmate's ass and he cannot avoid touching it and groping it well until the other one reacts and when both are naked they fuck as if they had to work extra time.HD26:51Thirsty cumswallowers fiestaTwo very greedy guys feast on lots of cock, but they can't satiate their thirst and they spend all day swallowing and swallowing, sucking dicks they find around and enjoying the juice they extract with passion and work.13:56Jean Franko gives Marco Blaze a good fuckWhile they do some maintenance work, Marco and Jean cannot keep their hard, fat cocks in their coveralls, so eventually, they let them get out so that Jean ends up sticking it into Marco's ass, who enjoys the anal penetration he gets like crazy.17:14Shawn Balfour's wank in another guy's placeWhile he's waiting for his buddy to finish talking on the phone in the other room, Shawn, although he's a guest, strips naked and gets completely naked, except for his tie, to end up doing a good jerk off that ends just before his buddy arrives.HD25:13Fucking on the pool table with Michael BrandomIn this cowboys' bar there is no one around, so they make good use of the opportunity to use the billiard table, but it's not for a game, but to have a good fuck on it, in which Michael Brandon sticks his hand-and-a-half cock into his friend's greedy ass.21:45In the garden with Milan Beran and Roman MadlecThe good thing about gardens with gardeners is that after they've finished everything, the proper thing to do is to have some good oral session before fucking on the bench where they sit relaxed under the shadow of the tree.27:56Aitor Crash fucking hard in the assAitor Crash takes a buddy to a bar and there, after smoking a fag, they decide to use the facilities to suck them all over, and after the fellatio and sticking some fingers in the ass, they have a very hot anal penetration.22:28Arrested and fucked at the police station by two godsBrazil is very dangerous, and one knows that just by watching the news any day, and a guy who has just been 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mouth and then in the ass without getting any rubber on.18:17Lucas Foz fucked in the ass by Rafael Carrera's assRafael Carreras is on vacation with Lucas, and after walking in Barcelona for a while, they go to the hotel and there, they suck their cocks as if they were having some good thick Spanish churros, swallowing and swallowing until Rafael eventually sticks it into the other guy's ass, who proves to be a good bottom.52:32Sagat, Huessein and a muscular black guyThree amazing men with freaking bodies, muscular and some good dicks, very greedy asses and especially, lots of desire to fuck at the gym unleash their horniness and don't stop until they fuck each other in the ass and cum.27:46Company talk with a hard-onMarc Dylan is giving a small lecture about the status of the company's account, but only one of the employees has attended it, and only because he gets very horny by seeing Marc in his suit and he knows he will make him hornier even without him, so, without further word, he gives him a blowjob and fucks him. 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